There is a variety of gifts but always the
same Spirit; there are all sorts of service
to be done, but always to the same Lord;
working in all sorts of different ways in
different people, it is the same God
who is working in all of them.

(I Corinthians 12:4-6)

Catholics for Ministry

Who are Catholics for Ministry (CfM)?

CfM is an organisation of lay Catholics, sisters and priests working for the renewal of the Australian Catholic Church in the spirit of Vatican Council II. We began in 2003 and have worked through awareness-building, petitions, research and direct action to realise and strengthen the spirituality, liturgy, Christian life and consciousness that Vatican II brought to Catholicism.

We are deeply committed to releasing the potential of the laity to offer service and leadership to the Australian Church. As part of that we strongly support the realisation of the leadership potential of women in Catholicism, including renewed ordained ministry. Thus our support for the Ordination of Catholic Women web site.

In October 2013 we joined with several other Australian Catholic renewal organisations and several parishes in forming An Australian Catholic Coalition for Church Renewal. In doing so we committed ourselves to The ACCCR Call. More...

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